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It really makes me wonder why I’d ever opt for the larger and more expensive Fenix 5X. The Garmin Connect app, as I’ve said before, is too cluttered.

Battery life is better and it looks more rugged, sure, but this does really well too. It tries to offer everything for everyone without focusing on automatically personalising to the user.

The 935 is comfortable to wear, day and night, meaning you find yourself leaving it on for true lifestyle tracking – I often forgot I even had it on and panicked and started looking for it.

The 50 metre depth waterproofing means I showered with this on without even thinking about it.

This is essentially the Fenix 5 in a more compact plastic housing.

Despite all this, it’s a comfortable 49g and even looks good. Related: The Garmin Forerunner 935 is a compact piece of kit and has managed to improve its looks over previous generations, which were a bit more plastic looking.

The menu layout places favourites at the top so you don’t need to cycle through everything to find the activity you want, a nice touch that keeps the menu screen tidy.

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Bezel-free displays are what people want these days and Garmin has slimmed its bezels down somewhat over the years, but not recently.

In fact this could be the most comprehensive tracking offering available right now all in one place on your wrist.

The Garmin Forerunner 935 has a built-in heart rate monitor, activity and sleep tracking, displays notifications from a connected smartphone, tracks all manner of sports, features a barometric altimeter and compass for tracking and even has maps options.

That makes this great for beginners who are improving but maybe even more crucial for developed athletes who struggle to shave time off at that top end of performance.

Guidance on the Forerunner 935 is up there with some of the best GPS watches – yup, even the Fenix 5X.

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