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These might seem trivial as you begin to look into investing in your first home, possibly moving or attempting to start a family, but lawyers would argue that the little stuff becomes more important in stressful times.“I believe that sometimes people stop trying as hard after marriage because they no longer feel the need to chase after their significant other because they already have them.If you are a working parent, the effort you put in at work and with your kids is tremendous.Then there's the little matter of the laundry and the dishes and the cleaning.

Initially, before kids, this might not create much more work for one or the other partner.The marriage suffers, resentment and distrust build and the marriage fails.” To get the conversation started, Richardson says to take it easy and be open, but to also set aside time each week or every month (depending on your needs and situation) to get everything out in the clear.“Establish when and how to talk about the finances early so that years down the road everything is manageable and everyone is on the same page.In fact, it's a good idea to keep doing these things after marriage and after settling into a life together.With all the stresses that come with a new marriage and perhaps with children, it's important to remind each other why you started this family.”Depending on your financial situation, you might feel trapped in your family’s house (or that of your in-law’s) while you save up the dough you need to get started on your four feet.

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