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— Living with your parents as an adult is a difficult egg to swallow - but in 2017 it sometimes seems like the only thing on the menu.

From telling you to GFY to bringing a tear to your eye; it's all right here on Lucdogg in the Morning from TTR Studios! We're coming back from a Onewheel ride...everyone at the pool looks confused..lifeguard is frantic; our neighbors overlooking the pool are screaming... You won't believe what happened - plus Luc gets vulnerable in a way that we aren't used to seeing, and we give away 0 by playing 20 questions with... A live comedy morning show designed to start your day with a smile and a story - take a break from the work day and come laugh with us!

They can stabilize your mood and keep suicidal or harmful thoughts at bay.

Listen, I could VERY easily explain the Science of them, which I definitely understand, but it would be Too Smart and would make you feel bad. — A breakup is like a dentist appointment—even when it's going good, you still have someone you won't see again for months rooting around for answers while you struggle to breathe and feel a bit sick.

I heard my fair share of horror stories while researching this piece. I don’t mean that like it’s great and you should just shrug and get out of my office. Problem is, they don't “believe” in mental illness and although they've seen me not leave bed for 3 days and hyperventilate and vomit over being in an enclosed space, they always come at me with “everybody gets stressed sometimes.

— I have what I believe is a pretty common problem for women like me.

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